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Misc Hardware

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Note: In metric you do not have to specify the pitch unless it is fine thread.  The pitch is automatically assumed to be coarse thread.

See technical info page .

There are many products available from MSTC.  We carry a full line of metric fasteners, washers, nuts, bolts, cotter pins, sems (screws with pre-attached washers), etc...  CALL 1-800-METRIC-1 (800-638-7421) for volume discounts.

What MSTC has to offer you:

bulletWe stock over 40,000 metric items
bulletWe ship the same day the order is placed**
bulletWe have a knowledgeable sales staff
bulletWe provide excellent service at competitive prices

Sample pricing on selected hardware:

Size Description Material DIN#


Qty. Price*
2 x 25 Cotter Pins A2 S/S 94 100 $9.38/c
M4 x 20mm Sl Flat M/S A2 S/S 963 50 $15.80/c


      100 $11.85/c
M 6 Nyl Ins Lock Nut A2 S/S 985 100 $8.55/c
5 mm Flat Washer NYLON 125A 100 $3.10/c
5 mm Flat Washer A2 S/S 125A 100 $1.88/c
4 mm Lock Washer A2 S/S 127B 100 $0.75/c
M 4 Hex Nut A2 S/S 934 100 $2.93/c
M 4 x 16mm Ph Truss Hd M/S A2 S/S 50012 100 $23.80/c


      1000 $17.85/c
M 5 x 16mm Ph Truss Hd M/S A2 S/S 50012 100 $37.29/c
(ditto)       1000 $27.97/c
30 x 2mm O-Ring Buna   25 $0.52/ea
M 4 x 0.7 Plug Tap H.S.S.   1 $4.99/ea
M5 x 16mm Sl Pan Drilled Hd Stl / Zinc 404 25 $0.96/ea
(ditto)       50 $0.87/ea
(ditto)       100 $0.56/ea

*All prices are subject to change without advanced notification 
** Stock items only, orders must be placed by 3:00pm for guarantee

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Comments:    if requesting price &/or delivery information, please include qty, size, & material.




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