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Machine Screws

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Truss Head Machine screws.(Also available in slotted)

Phillips cross recessed truss head machine screws are available from stock in a variety of sizes.  Listed below are some of the most common sizes used in your industry.  These are priced in stainless steel but are also available in steel with a zinc plate upon request. 


Key Benefits

bulletStainless Steel for corrosion resistance
bulletEliminates need for a flat washers
bulletConvenient cross recessed drive
bulletUses standard Phillips screwdriver
bulletAesthetically pleasing appearance


Size Quantity Price Quantity Price
M 4 x  8mm


$17.40/c 1000 $13.05/c
M 4 x 10mm 100 $17.60/c 1000 $13.20/c
M 4 x 12mm 100 $23.76/c 1000 $17.82/c
M 4 x 16mm 100 $23.80/c 1000 $17.85/c
M 4  x 20mm 100 $24.62/c 1000 $18.47/c
M 5 x  8mm 100 $26.70/c 1000 $20.03/c
M 5 x 10mm 100 $28.35/c 1000 $21.26/c
M 5 x 14mm 100 $29.50/c 1000 $22.13/c
M 5 x 16mm 100 $37.29/c 1000 $27.97/c
M 5 x 20mm 100 $45.12/c 1000 $33.84/c

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