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Technical Info.

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The thread pitches for metric coarse threads are standardized like any other dimension on a metric fastener.  Therefore, there is no need to indicate or mention the pitch, it is assumed to be a coarse thread.  Due to the various pitches possible in fine thread, the pitch always need to be mentioned. 

In metric the pitch is the distance between the crest of one thread to the crest of the next.  The pitch is also referred to as the distance a screw is thrusted after one revolution.  The measurement is always expressed in millimeters.  Metric threads have a larger root radius, makes them more resistant to fatigue than inch threads. 


Thread Size Standard Pitch
M 2 0.4 mm
M 2.5 0.45 mm
M 3 0.5 mm
M 4 0.7 mm
M 5 0.8 mm
M 6 1.0 mm
M 8 1.25mm
M 10 1.5 mm

A simple way to figure out a tap drill size
    You can easily learn the fundamental method to find the correct drill size for your metric tap!!  Simply subtract the pitch of the tap from the diameter of the tap.  For example: a M5x0.8mm needs a 4.2mm drill, and a M10x1.5mm needs an 8.5mm drill.

Thread Diameter Head Outside Diameter Head Height
M 3 6.9mm  +0/-0.5mm 1.9mm  +/- 0.15mm
M 4 9.4mm   +0/-0.5mm 2.5mm  +/- 0.15mm
M 5 11.8mm  +0/-0.6mm 3.1mm  +/-0.15mm
M 6 14.0mm  +0/-0.7mm 3.7mm  +/-0.20mm


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