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AUGUST 19, 2006


MAY - 2006


This years ALL RED STAR will be held May 3rd - 7th.   More info to come....


MAY - 2005

MAY - 2004


We have changed one of the sizes on the YAK assortments from a M5x12 to a M5x10 as requested by you, our customer.  Feel free to make any suggestions -  we listen!!




Just wanted to send out a special thank you to two of our newest customers!! Rune from Sweden and Ramon from Spain!  We appreciate your business, as we do with the many customers of ours from the United States.


Best Wishes to all attendee's of the first REDSTAR fly-in May 2-5th in California.  Mark Schrick from Accurate Aviation will have on display one of the YAK-2000 assortments.  Please stop by for more information.  Metric Screw has donated a box kit with many useful metric items along with a $25.00 gift certificate for this event. 


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